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what we do

We’re here to gather and uplift Afrofusion artists across Quebec under one banner. With pioneering digital solutions, we’re not just a platform – we’re the reference for innovation and community.

Digital communication

We're here to boost your digital presence. From managing your social media to creating compelling mini-clips for media promotion, we're dedicated to enhancing your online impact.

musical production

At BTFC Label, it's all about your music. We offer a state-of-the-art studio for your recordings and provide access to expert mixers, ensuring your sound is at its best.

Coaching artists

BTFC Label: Elevating Artists Through Coaching Seamless scheduling and access to top photographers and filmmakers for your artistic journey.

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Our goal is to make our local artists known on the international stage.
Fanny Durivage
Dynamic Vibes

btfc label

We aim to bring together and showcase all Afrofusion artists in Quebec, while also setting a digital standard that distinguishes us from competitors and offering valuable guidance and support to our artists.

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