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Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize local artist discovery and establish Montreal as a premier hub for afrobeat talent. While afrobeat has already gained significant popularity in Africa and Europe, our goal is to make a resounding statement by bringing this vibrant music genre to America. We envision a future where all Afro Fusion artists in Quebec find representation and support under one roof. Through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and a strong digital presence, we strive to become the benchmark across multiple digital platforms, setting ourselves apart from competitors while providing invaluable guidance and unwavering support to our artists.

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Meet Our Team

Patie A.S
Founder and CEO

Patie is an Afrobeat artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a background in entrepreneurship, including car rental and car wash ventures. He also brings valuable experience from the music industry, having worked with a record label. Learning from past experiences, Patie is constantly evolving and committed to excelling in his artistic pursuits.

Fanny Durivage
Founder and CEO

Fanny is a driven individual with a 3rd-year Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is passionate about music and aims to establish her own business in Montreal, driven by her commitment to success and shared values with like-minded collaborators. Now, she is ready to turn her entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

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